December 2005 Update

2005 was a very exciting year.  Joseph has really learned how to talk.  Laurel is in her 2nd year of Preschool and is doing very well learning her letters and working on her phonics.  We traveled to Disneyworld in February, and to Baltimore in June to see the Aquarium and the B&O Train museum.  In July we went to New York and Connecticut to see family.  In August, Mommy and the kids went to the beach.  In September we went to Charlottesville for a football game, and went apple picking and to the kid's museum.  In October we visited Kathleen in North Carolina and went to two museums.  It's been a very very busy year.  Since last year's update was in November, we included some pictures of last year as well in this year's update.

November 2004, Thanksgiving at Preschool. 

Who's more excited, Aunt Erica or Joseph (Hanukah 2004) 

Joseph has many more teeth now than he had back in the winter of 2004.


4th night of Hanukah x2 menorahs + 2 candles for Shabbat = 10 candles!

Joseph wants to be just like Daddy.

Breakfast at the City Club in DC before going to see the Nutcracker.  Fortunately we saw it then, because it was canceled in 2005.

Joseph helping around outside. 

The carousel in Disney World at night looks beautiful with all the lights.

We saw 5 princesses at breakfast at Disneyworld.  Joseph flirted with each and every one of them.

Winnie the Pooh 

Only in Florida can you go swimming outdoors in February

Laurel got to feed the dolphins at Sea World in Orlando.  She also helped feed the sting rays, but she didn't want to touch them.

Mickey the Wizard.

Joseph got his first haircut in Disneyworld.  He got lots of stickers and a special set of mouse ears that said "first haircut."

Right before lunch in Cinderella's castle.

Joseph Dances with Tigger

Back home, it usually snows in the winter.  Dada pulls Laurel on the sled.

Laurel's ballet recital in May. 

Laurel at soccer practice.  Soccer isn't our favorite sport, but Laurel really liked practice where she could score lots of goals.

Joseph went with Mommy and Dada to their 10th college reunion in Charlottesville.  This statue of George Washington is right next to the lawn room where Dada lived.

We cut lots of trees down in our back yard this summer.  That enabled us to put up a swingset and to plant a huge garden.  We had lots of peppers and tomatoes and we also grew carrots, spinach, peas, radishes, pumpikins, and canteloupes. 

Zayde, who insists on spelling his name Xaide, which I don't get, because there is no letter X in Hebrew, came to visit this summer and we all went to Baltimore. 

Aunt Erica, Mommy, Laurel, and Joseph at the aquarium, watching the dolphin show.

Joseph and Laurel got to play on some trains at the B&O train museum.  We also got to go on a train ride. 

Before you ask, sparklers are safe for kids under the age of 2 if there is very close parental and grandparental supervision.

Cousin Tony plays his guitar for Hailey and Joseph.

Laurel swinging with Alyssa at Uncle Jerry and Aunt Lourdes's house. 

Uncle Bill reading Joseph a book. 

It is never too early to learn how to play Mah Johngg.

See Mommy, I'm still very very little.

Joseph playing in the Beach in North Carolina.

Laurel is little.  The Lighthouse is big.  When Laurel is big she will be able to go inside the lighthouse. 

At last, peace and quiet in the house. 

Labor Day weekend, we all went to Virginia Beach to visit Zayde and Bubbe Wanda, and we also got to see lots of Dada's friends.   Here Dada and Becky push Laurel and Laurel's friend Alex on the swings at Mt. Trashmore.

Laurel, Alex, and Joseph all had a wonderful day.

Laurel is already asking when she will get to play with Alex again.

Becky, Matthew, Dr. Mike the pediatric gastroenterologist who will someday become very famous, Joseph, Alex, Dada, and Laurel.

It wouldn't be playing if we didn't get in the dirt. 

Laurel, Ella, and Nora at the Mom's group annual picnic at Van Dyke park. 

Another first Day of school. 

Snakes?  Why does it always have to be snakes?  Well, Amity sure had a fun and exciting birthday party.

Laurel having ice cream with her teachers Mrs. Scavongelli and Mrs. Yocum.

2 cheerleaders. 

2 more Cheerleaders (Laurel and Sarah Beth) 

After the football game we went apple picking.  Joseph needed some help getting the apples.

Laurel used a pole to get some apples.

Laurel really loves to cook.  All year she has been making up new recipes in the kitchen.  The surprising thing is that some of them actually turn out to be quite tasty.  Others, well...

Fred and Dr. Kelli Rachel Brooks, who graduated college the same day as Fred, and next year will finally be done with her umpteen zillion years of cardio-thorasic surgery residency.

At the science museum in Durham, Kathleen, Laurel and Joseph get to touch real clouds.  Very cold and wet.

It's never too early to get hooked on NASCAR.

The best part about Autumn is raking leaves, so that you can then sit in them.  But then you need to take a bath.

Trick or Treat!  Belle and a Train Engineer (carrying a fire hat) are coming to visit Abuelita.

Resting before the Halloween parade at school.

This is a very large pumpkin patch. 

This year we redid our kitchen.  For Joseph's birthday it was only part of the way done.  But now, it's all finished and is beautiful.

Dada left just a few leaves on the ground to play in. 

Back home...

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